Flologic is a modern and lean technology solutions company. Our spectrum of services include
BPM, Intelligent workflows, Machine & cognitive learning extending to Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
Since more than 9 years, Flologic has been helping clients in streamlining their business processes, empowering the client organizations’ workforce and achieving automation to the best possible level. Our solutions range from HR, Finance and Sales to Helpdesk, Asset Management, Seat Management and so on.
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Umesh Bopardikar

Umesh is a business process stalwart, and is passionate about making difference to the client organizations through automation. His vision is to achieve automation beyond imagination, through future technologies like RPA, AI, Machine Learning and such. He successfully launched Flologic a decade ago, and put it on the path to growth and achievement. Deep understanding of various businesses, an avid process orientation and sharp client focus are some of Umesh’s qualities.