Robotic Process Automation

RPA is all about handing the power to each individual of your workforce to make decisions. Let’s make your talented workforce free from any mundane, repeated computer operation. Let’s enable them to do what they are supposed to - apply their mind to make a difference to the business. Flologic has worked with several clients to this happen. Our aim is – whatever we can automate, we should!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What happens when human creativity is smartly complimented with digital? Right… it creates an unbeatable combination. At flologic, our efforts go in researching how we can use apply AI to traditional automation, to make it smarter. Most of our solutions go beyond usual process automation, and strive to achieve more.

Cognitive Automation & Machine Learning

Yes, our solutions learn. The newer technologies have created possibilities that the automated processes can tweak themselves based on data trends, and become more and more accurate over the period. The smart algorithms can learn and make prediction on data.

IoT and Analytics

As technology is embracing our lives more than ever, lot of data is NOT created by humans. Sensors, automation systems, embedded software, social media – and such systems are constantly throwing out data. Analytics based on such data creates several exciting possibilities.


Screen sizes are becoming smaller. A large proportion of user base is shifting from desktops / laptops to mobiles and tabs. Flologic’s focus is on creating engaging apps for the users, that will offer them the power of using the features, still maintaining flexibility and speed.