Automation in healthcare is extremely critical. With the hospitals becoming more corporate, they need a very process centric, comprehensive and intuitive hospital management system. Also, there are other processes like procurement, asset management, legal process management and vendor management portal could act as a leverage for the healthcare industry.

Banking & Financial Services

Banking and financial services sectors have seen an explosion of automation, with variety of tools and platforms available. Our solutions like procurement and asset management, HR management, legal process management and such, can greatly contribute to the client organization’s process efficiency and profitability.


Telecom operations are large, and the scales are high. Process efficiency and optimization can bring huge savings for the organizations. Companies like Vodafone have benefited a lot with our solution Smart Seat Management. Some other use cases for telecom vertical include procurement management, asset management, vendor management, HR process management – just to name a few.


Manufacturing operation brings complexity. Several parallel activities get in to the production and allied operations. It’s always worth to invest in making your processes more organized, proactive and visible. Procurement, Asset Management, HR Process Management, Project Management … the list is unending. Explore our solutions to know more.

Realty Companies

Large realtors have steep investments at stake. It makes lot of sense to look at your processes critically, and bring the best possible efficiency in them. Some of the solutions beneficial to the realty firms could be procurement & asset management, HR process management and vendor management.


Legal firms need proactive systems that help them in compliances. Dates and details are critical. Our Litigation Management system can automate a legal firm’s operation. They can also benefit from other solutions like expense management.

Sales & Marketing Services

Companies providing Sales & Marketing services need to be lean and agile. They can adopt our processes like sales order tracking, apart from other solutions including procurement, asset management and HR process management.

IT Services

IT services in India have evolved and matured. In order to manage their operations, they can leverage solutions like procurement, asset management, expense management and so on.