Finance Process

Budget Management

Travel Expense Reimbursement

Non PO Vendor Payment

Rent & Utilities Payment

Administrative Process

Travel Requisition

Asset Requisition

Internal Survey

Visitor Management

Purchase Process

Item Requisition and Approval

PO Release

Material Receipt (GRN)

Bill Passing

Project Management Process

Project Team Creation

Project Plan Creation

Project Tracking

Project Issue Tracking

Project Dashboard

Design Workforce Mgt

HR Process

Employee On boarding

Leave Mgt.

Performance Appraisal

Salary Increment

Training Schedule & Nomination

Taxation Management

Sales & Marketing

Sales Call Mgt.

Travel Planning

Travel Plan Approval

Sales Call Reporting

Travel Expense Payout

Leads Tracking

BUN Tracking

Legal Process

Legal Compliance

Legal Case Mgt

Audit Processes

Corporate, Branch, Concurrent

Corporate Compliance & Risk

IT Process

IT Asset Management

IT Help Desk

Leave Management

Leave Application

Leave Cancellation

On Office Duty

Attendance Tracking Based On

Biometric Data

Leave Data

On Office Duty

Employee Lifecycle Mgmt.

Manpower Requisitio

Employee On boarding

Performance Appraisal

Employee Exit

Travel and Expense Mgmt.

Travel Requisition

Travel Expense Reimbursement

Employee Expense Reimbursement – Mobile/Local Conveyance

Non PO Vendor Payment

Training Management

Training Schedule Publishing

Training Nomination and Approval

Training Accommodation

Training Survey

Legal and Taxation

Legal Compliance Tracking

Employee Self Declaration

Income Tax Declarations

Budget & Procurement

Budget Management

Requisition Management

PO Release


Bill Passing

Asset Management

Help Desk Management

Workflow Based Help Desk Management

Vendor Portal

Vendor Registration Management

Vendor Dispatch Management

Vendor Payment Management