• Process Based Approach with all the activities mapped through various processes
  • Built on proprietary Workflow engine…thereby offering the best of the technology solution at an affordable price
  • Process based approach offers advantages such as –

      > Start simple and evolve over a period of time as process and Organization matures

      > Make the entire business proactive and visible to the Management

      > Change Management is extremely easy to handle

      > Built in alert and escalation mechanism

Other Advantages

Entire Organization Chart gets mapped

Can be used as Employee Self Service Portal covering Non business but critical Processes

Role based process definition

Developed using the Web based Technology

Facility to offer the key processes through Mobile/Tablet Apps

Secure Authentication and Role based Authorization


Facility to manage the Pathology and Radiology Reports generation from within the Process

Prescription Template Management

Facility to attach various Documents at various stages in the Process

Insurance claims management